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Federal Court finds mandatory hotel quarantine constitutional Law Times 29-Jun-21 Download
Human Rights Tribunal extended protected ground of citizenship to to include permanent residency: court Law Times 14-Jun-21 Download
Ottawa announces new pathway for permanent residency for foreign nationals currently in Canada Law Times (Canada) 19-Apr-21 Download
Canada’s record-setting invitation to immigrants afterCOVID shortfall an ‘absolute shock’ Toronto Star 20-Feb-21 Download
Canada lowers threshold for Immigrants to get permanent residency The Globe and Mail (Canada) 17-Feb-21 Download
'There are no changes': Most international travelers still exempt from new COVID hotel quarantine rules National Post (Canada) 10-Feb-21 Download
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Slow COVID vaccination pace among pandemic's complications to immigration law Law Times (Canada) 21-Jan-21 Download
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72 year old given 2 years plus a day for cocaine trafficking Law Times (Canada) 13-Oct-20 Download
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Canada's backlogged asylum system is 'not sustainable,' immigration minister says in leaked letter National Post (Canada) 25-Aug-18 Download
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Paralegal found guilty of defrauding immigrants ‘appears to be on the run’ Toronto Star (Canada) 13-Aug-17 Download
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Canada adopts lottery system for reuniting immigrants with parents and grandparents CBC News 14-Dec-16 Download
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Jose Fernandes is so determined to live in Canada he’s tried (and failed) to enter illegally five times National Post (Canada) 04-Dec-13 Download
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Warrantless workplace searches raise concerns from business The Globe and Mail (Canada) 11-Jun-13 Download
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